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Emergency Eye Care in Lloydminster

Are you wondering whether you need emergency eye care at our Lloydminster clinic? Read on, and if you believe your eye could use professional attention, please call us right away.

Common reasons people seek emergency eye care include:

  • Injury to the eye, such as embedded objects
  • Sudden vision loss, double vision, redness, or pain
  • Sudden flashes or floaters
  • Foreign body lodged in the eye, including chemicals
  • Symptoms of pink eye, which is highly contagious
  • Presence of styes – small, painful bumps caused by bacterial infection

When Do I Not Need Emergency Care?

The following are things you should NOT do if you or someone is experiencing what may be an eye emergency:

  • Attempt to remove embedded objects in the eye – leave this to the professionals!
  • Wash the eye out with water from the sink; use saline solution instead
  • Use dry cotton or other instruments on the eye – again, leave this to the professionals!

If you are still not sure if what you are experiencing constitutes an emergency, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Remember, we have emergency eye care available in Lloydminster’s Violet Eyes Optometry.

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