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Are You Eligible for LASIK in Lloydminster?

Some of our Lloydminster patients want LASIK so they can be permanently free of prescription eyewear. Though LASIK is a revolutionary medical procedure desired by many, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Consult with a professional optometrist at Violet Eyes Optometry to see if LASIK is right for you. We can also provide you with information and resources on the LASIK process and what to expect. According to LASIK MD, one of Canada’s largest LASIK providers, 90% of the population between the ages of 18 and 65 are great candidates for LASIK. Book an appointment with us today to see if you’re one of these candidates!

What is LASIK?

LASIK stands for “laser in situ keratomileusis.” Basically, a laser is used to reshape the eye’s cornea in a way that is minimally invasive. LASIK surgery can be used to correct myopia (“nearsightedness”), hyperopia (“farsightedness”), and astigmatism, leaving patients with clear vision and no more need of prescription eyewear. Surgeons have been performing LASIK procedures for over 25 years. The first procedure was completed in 1991.

Is LASIK Right for Me?

Everyone is different, and your candidacy for LASIK surgery will depend on a range of factors, from your overall health to the nature of your eye condition. Factors that might make you ineligible for LASIK include:

  • Dry eye syndrome, pink eye, or other eye infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Other medical conditions such as rheumatological conditions
  • Corneal thinness – an eye care professional can examine your cornea and determine whether it is too thin for LASIK surgery
  • Age – it is recommended that children under 18 wait until their prescription stabilizes

If you would like more information about LASIK, and to see whether it is a good fit for you, please feel free to contact us at Violet Eyes Optometry for more information or to book an appointment at our Lloydminster clinic. LASIK can be a pricey investment, so do take your time and discuss it with an eye care professional before you jump in!

Be Glasses-Free

You may be able to play sports, work, and live everyday life without worrying about glasses.

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