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Children’s Eye Exams in Lloydminster at Violet Eyes Optometry

Although some may assume children have near-perfect vision, it is important for kids to get their eyes regularly checked out too. It is not enough for kids’ eyes to be seen by their pediatrician or during school check-ups; a professional optometrist is required for a thorough exam. Children should have their first eye exam before the age of four in order to avoid any vision problems from worsening when they begin school. However, if your child is younger and you notice obvious signs of visual discomfort, such as crossed eyes, squinting, and headaches, take your child to an optometrist as soon as you can. At Violet Eyes Optometry, we happily provide children’s eye exams for Lloydminster families.

Why is it important to give children eye exams?

Early eye exams in childhood are important to avoid worsening vision problems down the road. If we catch vision problems early in their development, we have a better chance of mitigating them or preventing them in the first place. Children will also use their eyes a lot more when they go to school and have to read and look at chalkboards/whiteboards. Headaches during class and difficulty reading could cause delays in learning. Vision problems can also negatively affect social development, and may lead to both shy and hyperactive behaviour.

What can I do to help my kids develop healthy vision?

Good vision habits can be formed in childhood. For kids who like to read or watch television, encourage them to read under good lighting and take breaks from the screen. Studies suggest that more time spent playing outside reduces the likelihood of developing myopia (nearsightedness), but if your kid likes playing outside, remind them to put on their sunglasses! If they are sporty and enjoy activities like baseball and hockey, make sure your kids wear proper eye protection. Most importantly, listen if your child complains of discomfort like headaches. Headaches may indicate a vision problem like myopia, which can be managed better with early detection.

Look after your kids’ eyes! Visit us or book an appointment today for a children’s eye exam at our Lloydminster clinic.

Children’s Peepers

I spy with my little eye…regular eye exams! Avoid school and social difficulties by detecting problems early.

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