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Keeping an Eye on Your Vision

At Violet Eyes Optometry, we strive to provide high quality, personalized services to help you care for your eyes.

Violet Eyes Optometry: Prescription Eyewear & Eye Doctors in Lloydminster


Staffed by a dedicated team and three professional eye doctors in Lloydminster, Violet Eyes Optometry is the place to go to get your eyes checked and fitted for prescription eyewear. We welcome patients of all ages and have discounted pricing for students and seniors, so bring your grandparents and grandchildren! Our clinic is proudly wheelchair-accessible.

* We ask that you do not enter the clinic with any cold or flu like symptoms, please call our office to reschedule your appointment if you are feeling sick *

We believe in empowering patients like you with knowledge. Take your time to browse this website for a wealth of information on topics like common eye conditions, what happens during an eye examination, and how to take care of your child’s eyes. Lastly, don’t forget to book an appointment with us!

Examinations & Eyewear

Get everything done at once. Violet Eyes Optometry strives to give our clients a professional and personalized experience they are comfortable and satisfied with. We proudly offer a wide selection of prescription eyewear so you can get your eyes checked and find a glasses or contacts for them in the same place. We carry prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and contact lens cleaning solutions.

Our optometrists and technicians offer a variety of treatment options to enhance your eye health, including orthokeratology, emergency eye care, and ocular health evaluations. If you believe you may have a foreign object stuck in your eye, or are suffering from any eye-related discomfort, please visit us. We are happy to answer any eye health related questions you may have, so visit us or book an appointment today!

Promotions and Special Offers

  • Buy 1 get 1 50% off
  • Senior and student discounts available

Get Insight

Ever wondered what happens during an eye exam? See how optometrists get insight on your sight.


If you’ve ever wondered why eye conditions have funny names like “lazy eye” and “astigmatism,” read on!

Get a Second Pair of Eyes

Enhance your vision with high-quality, optometrist-trusted prescription eyewear products.

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